About us


BAMBINOCLE, a French brand with an innovative and unique concept.

A PLAYFUL mindset behind the slogan:

Each frame is shipped with a complimentary EDUCATIONAL GAME BOX, adapted to each age range.
The frames are DESIGNED in our office in Paris and are manufactured with QUALITY MATERIALS.

Bambinocle founder’s : CELINE & GUILLAUME

Partners at the office and at home, we both join the eyewear market with the following goal:

Turning children’s eye health dull process into a fun and playful experience.

How? First by partnering with a great designer which allow Bambinocle to offer a selection of frame with unique designs
and most importantly engineered to perfectly fit our children’s faces. Each frame is shipped with a complimentary educational game box,
adapted to each age range: puzzle, crayons and even bibs for babies!

We celebrate our 4 years anniversary with you and we would like to highlight the following milestones:

  • a first SILMO in 2019
  • More than 400 point of sales in France, Benelux , Greece and Middle East
  • A nomination in SILMO DOR 2020

We would like to dedicate these wins to all our partners and share how much we appreciate your trust! “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far , go together”

Baby bibs’ box delivered with a
baby collection’s frame

Choice of box for each
3-7yo’s collection frame

  • 60pcs Jungle Puzzle
  • Coloring book and its pens

Choice of box for each
8-12yo’s collection frame

  • 300pcs Space Puzzle
  • Coloring book and its pens